Review: Once upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

The Basics

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Book Synopsis

When the man Evangeline loves becomes engaged to her stepsister, she becomes convinced that he has been bewitched. Desperate to stop the marriage, she makes a deal with the Prince of Hearts: in exchange for three kisses, he will stop the wedding. It is a seemingly small price to pay for her future happiness, but as with any deal made with a Fate, it ends up entailing more than meets the eye. Soon, her very heart is on the line.

My Review & Overall Thoughts

Stephanie Garber has conhecer mulheres tailandesas locais done it again – she has written yet another fantastic book. Once upon a Broken Heart is truly unputdownable. As soon as I began reading it, I was completely engrossed, and I ended up binge reading all 403 pages in a little over a day. Already, I am fighting the urge to pick it back up and reread it, as I so enjoyed it.

With its magical and transportive qualities, the story hooks you from the get-go. It ferries you away to a fairytale-like world filled with intrigue, danger, and otherworldly beings. Magic is as pervasive as deception and ulterior motives, the consequence of which being that you can never be entirely sure of who to trust or what will happen next. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself periodically exclaiming, or at the very least mouthing, “What?!” while reading this book.

Complementing this captivating plot is a cast of complex and interesting characters, including Jacks, the enigmatic Prince of Hearts. He is one of the most compelling characters I have come across in recent history. At times villainous and other times quasi-heroic, his underlying motives are never wholly apparent. read more