Could your choice in new cabinets be harmful to your loved ones??

We think it is very important to remember that we are part of the same community that we service and responsibility to that community is more important than our prosperity. We are living in an age of profitability at any cost, we feel that we can succeed without shortchanging our neighbors, or more importantly putting them in danger.

Our industry partners were chosen for many reasons but none more important than their responsible manufacturing processes. The first two questions to any potential manufacturer or vendor is where are your products made and where do your materials come from. If we find that any materials originate from countries that allow unsafe levels of chemicals like formaldehyde, we ensure those materials comply with all U.S. standards. Belive it or not, there are companies right here in Phoenix selling complete cabinets built from these materials, on top of that they advertise as “Built in the USA”.  Click below for more information.

Studies on the dangers of formaldehyde in Chinese cabients